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Celebrating the Titanic- tacky or a tribute?

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 Come 15th April, it will have been 100 years since the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean, after colliding with an iceberg. I won't bore you with such details, as I'm sure you've heard it all before and/or seen the film. Let's be honest, if you've not seen the film, well... it's kind of a classic. But whatever, this rather memorable and landmark moment in British history will, I doubt, ever be forgotten. Especially not this year.

 To commemorate the centenary of the catastrophe, the cruise ship MS Balmoral, is currently making its way across the Atlantic Ocean, re-tracing the journey it took on that fateful night. It plans to make two memorial services on its travels- midnight April 14th, when it hit the iceberg, and early morning April 15th, when the ship eventually sank.

  There is something fascinating (well, I think so anyway!) about the Titanic. The historic occasion and its tragic demise is incredibly well known worldwide. Many a time I would get the Titanic Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guide from the library, and marvel over the intricacies of how the deck was set out, the period dress and old-fashioned entertainment. I loved it!! I think my childhood love of the Titanic is the nagging thought in my head, questioning whether or not I like the idea of this commemorative journey.
  Now, I have mixed feelings to this, as do many others. The Guardian's Hadley Freeman says:
"Questions involving words such as "poor taste" and "seriously, do you have nothing better to do with your time and money?" have been posed by those who query the morality of treading in the footsteps of tragedy."
Commemorative Coins, celebrating the centenary of the Titanic
   But is this not just another occasion from which masses of money can be made, all for the sake of 'commemoration'? Many of the passengers aboard MS Balmoral are relatives of those killed in the Titanic tragedy, but did they actually ever know these relatives? In 1914?... Tickets for this venture have cost their passengers up to £8,000, and I doubt highly that the money paid will go towards a charity, or the further exploration, excavation and research into the Titanic's remains. I can't help but feel, perhaps, that more than just Fred Olsen, the company which MS Balmoral belongs to, could see some of the income. After all, this is to celebrate the lives of those lost 100 years ago...not just to make money, isn't it?

Port side of the Titanic, 1912 (Image:
  Parallels have been made with 9/11, and how a 'commemorative' flight to America would be in bad taste. I mean, I can see and understand these parallels. The fact is, they were both tragedies, with the defining difference being one was an act of terrorism and one was an unintentional disaster... Either way, lots of people were killed, and surely it's death of loved ones which is the reason to remember these disasters?

  One thing is for sure, Titanic is still attracting media attention. With the commemorative coins, the release of Titanic 3D at the cinema and general Titanic buzz everywhere, media attention is definitely not lagging. Can't say I'd be one to jump on the Titanic cruise bandwagon, but I am loving reading about it. Might just pop to the library to check out that DK Eyewitness guide...

  I may have grown up, but the fashions I loved to ponder over all those years ago, well, I still love them. They're so feminine and luxurious. Perhaps, with all the media buzz, someone will take inspiration from and use the fashions to create a new trend? I'd definitely jump on that bandwagon, that's for sure...
  Here's some Polyvore and photos of just why I love it so much...

  Here are some of the articles I've looked at on MS Balmoral and Titanic if you wanna take a look :) 
Enjoy :) 
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