Tuesday, 28 February 2012


P183... Heard of him? Probably not. But the Russian street artist is making himself known around Moscow with his 'his politically charged murals – and says he's doing it for a 'strong, educated and cultured homeland'' His murals have developed from his childhood, when he would write poems paying tribute to Viktor Tsoi, a Soviet musician on the Tsoi Wall, Moscow.  His work has more recently become popular after photographs have been viewed worldwide. His now much bolder and satirical art has been heavily compared to that of Banksy, coining him the nickname "Bankski". (I'm assuming we're all aware of who Banksy is? Well , if not, take a look here. The Bristol-born son of a photocopier technician has been a graffiti artist and creator of satirical street-art portraying political and social commentary since the late 1980s.) Despite the similarities in their art, P183 insists that imitation was, and isn't, his intention.
"I fully understand that we both have a common cause, but I never sought to emulate him or anyone else. I use the songs of people such as Yegor Letov and Konstantin Kinchev for inspiration – not public figures."
 Russia seems to approach P183's art with a much less admired and open view than the UK with his representations of modern-day Russia. In reference to the Russian election, he replies
 "I'm not going to talk about Putin, it's too much. In our country, there is a very heavy atmosphere. People are closed-minded, and money is the most important thing... The city government is categorically against street art, so any wall drawings are painted over. Graffiti with political meaning and social subtext are painted over especially fast," 
 It seems to me that art created by the likes of people such as Banksy and P183 is a form of creativity intended to physically illustrate the sub-texts and underlying themes of our societies, and the discourses we all buy into. Economics, politics, society and modern culture discourse is communicated through this.
P183 says that "To me, street art is a tool to send thoughts to people."

To read more about P183, visit here for The Guardian article, written by Jake Hanrahan. Here are just some of his recent murals (All care of The Guardian page!)... Enjoy.

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Agyness' New Chapter

We all know the name Agyness Deyn; with her trademark blonde pixie hair and the face of Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry (just to name a few!) Except, Agyness Deyn wasn't the name she was born with. And neither was she born with the expectation of becoming one of Britain's most well known supermodels. She speaks with Decca Aitkenhead from The Guardian about her childhood, her gradual entry into the world of fashion and her life now.
Agyness is no longer working as a model, deciding to take a step away from the fashion industry. Instead, Deyn has changed direction; straight into the theatre. The Leisure Society, is her first play, written by  Fran├žois Archambault. It's a 'deliciously offensive four-hander comedy' and Deyn admits that it definitely is a change from the catwalk. Rehearsing for up to eight hours a day, Deyn seems be to enjoying the new skills and experience acting is providing her with. 
"When I started doing little bits of acting I was like, this is what I'm supposed to be doing, you know? Going to this place where there's this fulfilment in kind of like letting go, and also that part of really getting in touch with yourself, to be able to understand a different character, and then portray that to whoever's watching it, and to be able to penetrate them in a way that touches them. And there's this unsaid kind of bond with us all [in the cast] which is so powerful, you know? It's like this family, there for each other; I feel held by the other people who are doing it, which is so great, cos like with modelling for so long it's a very solo project, and quite lonely. Being part of – well, it makes me feel emotional just talking about it – being part of this with these great people – it's just like so cool."
Aiktenhead notes how different Deyn is in contrast to her portrayal in the media. Her 'army surplus meets jumble sale chic' look, defining cool effortlessly, interpreted by 'style magazines...as edgy and fierce' doesn't correlate exactly with what she actually stands for. She isn't fierce in character. In fact, nothing about her seems fierce. Polite and attentive, says Aitkenhead, speaking slowly and thoughtfully. 
"I think I was able to put on more of a brash front a lot more when I was younger. Now it's a bit harder, so now I kind of embrace the feeling awkward, maybe a little bit socially inept. But in a good way."
Her modelling career lasted for eleven years, starting after she won a local modelling competition at the age of 16. Whilst visiting Henry Holland, best childhood friend, now a successful fashion designer, at university in London at the age of 18, she was scouted. For the next five years, she worked as a jobbing model, albeit failing to find much fame nor make a name for herself. However, by 2006, she was signed by a New York agent, becoming what was arguably the next Kate Moss overnight. 
Laura Hollins was Deyn's birth name and there have been, as Aitkenhead explains, different accounts detailing different reasons as to why she changed it. She discovers, through a somewhat tense discussion with Deyn, that the first and foremost reason was because there was simply too many Lauras already in modelling. 
Regardless of her name, Agyness is the one we all know and love, and I'm so excited to see her doing something new; a new direction. New is good. 

To read the whole interview with Agyness, visit The G2 Interview, The Guardian
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Start A New' Sunday

   So it's been quite a while since I've blogged... I've literally had SO much on at the moment, I haven't had any time to properly sit down and concentrate on something that hasn't been geography related. I haven't really blogged personally before... it's usually about something that ISN'T me... But I want more practice 'life-writing' it's called, and so thought I'd make it a bit more, well, ME. 
   I'm still totally in love with writing about fashion! Just think it'll be good for me to write about more of the things that interest me that aren't just clothes. Coz I'm full of love, and I love loads of things. And have lots of opinions. And I'm hoping that since I've got a few page views now, people might be interested in what I actually have to say?... We'll see. 
   Right, well, just putting that out there, and I'll be blogging when I have a bit more time to make it worthy for you all... 

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Mary Katrantzou Lovin'

          Mary Katrantzou , a new bright talent of London Fashion Week, is this month launching two collaborations- one with Topshop and the other with Longchamp. Rhode Island School of Design educated Mary, originating from Athens, won the Emerging Talent - Ready-to-Wear award at the British Fashion Awards last year and has worked previously for Sophia Kokosalaki, amongst other designers.

          Katrantzou’s collaboration with Topshop sees the reveal of a 10-piece capsule, dropped online and in selected stores on February 17th. The collection is an explosion of prints; a mixture of oriental-esque florals and pretty swirls and shapes. The colours and silhouettes are simply divine, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to showcasing her trademark piece- “a dress inspired by the filtered beauty in design, mapped around the female figure.”
         The collection is a myriad of shapes, featuring straight-cut tops, slim-fitting trousers and structured dresses. Rubber, cotton, silk and chiffon are some of the fabrics she’s used to create these stunning pieces.
         This collection is the epitome of spring-feeling patterns and feminine styles. Forget fashioning this spring with delicate and dusty floral pastels- take inspiration from Mary and spring into this season with bold, yet feminine florals.  
         The collection has, as of now, nearly entirely sold out, but keep checking Topshop for when they come back in stock! Make sure you save up for, and get your own piece of floral couture, appropriate for the highstreet, and guaranteed to make everyone else jealous! 

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Statement Scarf Print

Scarf print is making a very bold entrance into trends in our high street shops, and I'm not sure how I feel about it... The ornate and lavish designs speak volumes, found on dresses, leggings, tops and even tights. They are bold, to say the very least, and can't be worn without confidence. You risk looking a little silly if you're not totally in love with the print... 
  Topshop, ASOS, Miss Selfridge and River Island have some rather delicious pieces however, albeit rather, er, loud. Here are some of them... 

Chain Print Tights TOPSHOP £10 
Black Chain and Shell Tights TOPSHOP £8.50
Scarf Print Shirtdress TOPSHOP £50

Light Pink Chain Print Bodycon Dress RIVER ISLAND £25 

Black Scarf Print Trousers RIVER ISLAND £30
(as seen on TOWIE's Lydia Bright in MORE Magazine...) 
Rope Print Flippy Tunic TOPSHOP £26 
Black Chiffon Cowl Back Blouse MISS SELFRIDGE £39 
Tunic Jumper in Chain Print ASOS £30 
  I think perhaps with a statement scarf print piece, and contrasting, less attention grabbing accessories, this look can work well. Most of it can be tied in with the grunge kinda look that's in atm, including, for example, leather leggings and black  killer heeled boots. 

  Let me know what you think, and if you have any awesome scarf print highstreet finds! 

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Give Me Gatsby

  I'm seeing this everywhere- the roaring twenties trend. It's filling up the blogosphere, ASOS, and it's even earnt a place in this month's edition of VOGUE. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (and it's one of my most favourite books ever) oozes glamour. From flapper dresses to beaded gowns, this, in my opinion, is and was THE era to be from. 
  This look is a luxurious whirlwind combination of incandescent sequins, iridescent beads, daring plunging deep V necklines and a contrast of gentle pastels with bolder block colours and sharp shapes. Regardless of the detailing, all have a sort of flow. They fall smoothly around the body, to create ultimate femininity. Made in Chelsea, love it or hate it, pulled off a Gatsby themed soiree to near perfection in the season just past, so have a Google of that to see more amazing 20's fashion.

 VOGUE indulges us to photos from the Ralph Lauren runway... 

  I haven't created one of my own as of yet, but this is a really good example I found on FashionFinder on ASOS (Deffs have a look if you haven't already! It's suuuuch an awesome site!)

check out Alexandra's blog
  I'm also incredibly excited that the remake of the film version is to be released this year! EEE! So not only are there going to be the most amazing clothes, it's a film of the most amazing book, and features some pretty awesome cast members- Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher and Tobey Maguire. OMGG I'M SO EXCITED! 
  Let me know your thoughts on the flapper fashions. Could you pull it off? 

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Temporary Secretary LOVE

  So my boyfriend orders me a present from Temporary Secretary. It's a bee ring, and I fall in love with it! So I go to look at the website. And I fall even more in love with everything on their online shop. The stuff is some of the cutest jewellery I've ever seen. And I want it all!
  Not only did it come with a cute little box and in an organza bag, it had two Milka chocolates and a handwritten postcard. It definitely made my day. So I urge you to have a look, because I can guarantee there will be something that you absolutely LOVE!! The prices are good, and when they're that cute, I don't understand how you could possibly say no! 
  Here are some of my favourite bits on the website ATM :) 

Mr. Gingy Earrings - £6 Have A Look

Explorer's Magnifying Glass Necklace - £18.50 Have A Look 

Princess Ring - £12 Have A Look

Typewriter Ring - £10 Have A Look

  So definitely check them out!... 

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Charming Cameos

  The cameo- the jewellery piece which has generally become commonly recognised as the profile of a woman's head in an oval frame. These can be, for example, commonly found in photographs, various forms of antiques, but perhaps most usually in the form of a brooch. 
  The word 'cameo' describes specifically an image which is raised from the background, and these are usually made up of two colours, differentiating the relief and background. 
  Jewellery design thrived between the early 1800s until 1900, and cameos formed a substantial aspect in this particular time period of English jewellery manufacture. Popular ways that cameos were worn were as a pendants or a brooch on satin or velvet ribbons.

  Alber Elbaz, designer for Lanvin for the past 10 years, has made his recent declaration that cameos are indeed back in fashion. The pre-autumn 2012 collections showcase the styles which will occupy highstreet rails between SS12 and AW12. Alongside fabric blends and strong silhouettes, Elbaz has sprang us with super-sized cameos, teamed with black satin ribbon. 


  Personally, I LOVE cameos. I think they're the epitome of pretty and feminine antiquity. I am forever searching for more from charity shops and car boot sales; the latter usually proving most promising! Not all are worth much, but they all look very pretty, and I love stringing them with lace or velvet ribbon to add a touch of class. I even love them that much, I decided to get a tattoo of one, at the top of my leg... 

 And here are some of my favourite cameos (NB- the Barbie one belongs to my housemate Jocelyn- isn't it awesome!?) 

  So, I definitely recommend you keep your eyes peeled for cameos breaking into our shops. Do, however, be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing cheap and reproduced  products that EVERYONE has... Try and look hard for more individual ones, and customise them with satin, lace and velvet ribbons instead of chains! 
  ALSO, check out these BEAUTIFUL cameos- they're a twist on the classic view, but I am so in love with them!! Vogue Cameos

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