Sunday, 25 March 2012

Go Team GB!

  So. London 2012. It's finally here, and the country is in frenzy over preparations and plans to ensure it runs smoothly. Lengths to make changes to Sunday trading laws, huge new builds nearing completion, and nationwide aesthetic changes occurring to make sure Britain looks its best (such as Coventry, but let's face it... it did need it.) This once in a lifetime occurrence has everyone excited; not only for the economy, but the UK as a whole and showing off what we got is a priority! As well as the obvious competitive aspect of the age-long occasion, it's kind of a huge display of "I'm better than you", and proving your country can be bigger and better than the last- i.e. bigger and better fireworks!
  Style-wise, the Team GB Olympic kit was launched last week, and I'm in two minds... Designed by Stella McCartney and created by Adidas, you can't deny that style and knowledge here is combined excellently to produce fashionable sportswear. The designs, however, are a bit hit and miss. 
"I wanted the kit to be British, but understated, not ridiculous," 
Stella McCartney at the launch of the kit at the Tower of London. 
  The launch was held in a humongous tent (see above) at the Tower of London, and saw well known, and slightly less well known Olympians and paralympians donning the new gear, from a variety of different disciplines. Stella McCartney has been working on these designs for two years, and with a brief of 600 athletes and 26 different disciplines to please, she had her work cut out for her! Getting the right look, correct balance of style and propriety of the sports wear is never an easy combination to collate, and pleasing all athletes was always going to be unlikely, however a majority of the designs seem nice- patriotic without being OTT.

"...the designs focuses on the Union flag, breaking down the iconic design and reconstructing it, creating a modern and contemporary twist.The result is a bold design that features on all items of the kit to ensure the British athletes stand out in front of the home crowd as a unified team." (Team GB organisers, Source: The Mirror) 
  Dislike and a somewhat disappointed feel for the designs, however, is present. Cyclist Bradley Wiggins tweeted: "Oh dear, the Olympic kit!!" and comments on Twitter mostly mention the distinct, perhaps dominant over-use, of the blue colour and lack of red colour. Twitterers even go as far as to mention looking  of French design?...  
  Anyway, despite the haters, I don't think Stella did too badly. She was never going to make everyone happy! Perhaps a bit more red would have been nice, but never mind. Here are some individual shots of the designs... 

 [All photos are from the Guardian photo story...]

  So, what do you think? Regardless of the design not pleasing everyone, I reckon the majority do appreciate the 2012 kit, and hope they'll see our athletes get as many medals as popular. GO TEAM GB!!
  Here's some links you might wanna check out for some more info/photos - Enjoy :)

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