Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hi to the Tops

 So I've given in, and decided to blog about a trend that has appeared in amongst glossy magazine pages for the last month- hi tops. Whether they're branded Nike or Converse, or from highstreet shops like River Island or New Look, the sport luxe feature footwear item is becoming all the rage for this summer, and we're all loving it.
 High-tops have been around for years- popularity starting with old style high top Converse. Since then, brands have been recreating their own versions of this shoe (some nicer than others!) and the Sports Luxe trend just isn't complete without a pair. 

1 - Nike sneaker, $116
2 - High top sneaker, $52 
3 - Nike sneaker, £67
4 - Converse sneaker, £45
5 - ASOS high top sneaker, $63
6 - Adidas sneaker, £67 
7 - Nike shoes, $120
8 - KG Kurt Geiger high top sneaker, £90
9 - Gucci sneaker, £230 
10 - Dc shoes, £63 

And it isn't just us who are loving on the hi tops, all the celebs are rocking them too!... 
Little Mix loving their 'tops (Image:
 Whether paired with ankle socks, denim shorts and a festival tee, or finishing the cool and edgy look with blue skinnes and a band tee, hi tops are definitely the staple of an effortlessly cool look.

 Summer is the perfect time to purchase a pair, so get down to your local Schuh or Office and check out some of what they have to offer. Alternatively have a flick through Company's April edition or their High Street Edit, for an awesome selection! 
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