Friday, 20 January 2012

Boho Glam can Work for YOU.

Marie Claire is currently sporting a Bohemian trend they name Yesterday's Girl. Leather, lace and waist-cinching belts, combined with fluid material and a contrast of black and more neutral shades, this trend is one not to be missed. 
Name dropping some iconic lovers of this include Bianca Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, this glam look is back with 'thigh-high grazing boots' and a hint of 'black magic'... 

Bianca Jagger.... so glamorous.

Here are what Marie Claire see this trend as... 

 Despite this being a fave new trend, bound to start filtering through into spring, I'm still unsure as to the feasibility of some of the features. For example, the thigh-high boots. I, personally, know I would not be able to pull those off.. However I am sure some of us would be able to. I'm just not sure they're a fashion staple that I could rock walking down the high street. In Coventry. 

 There are, however, some major pieces which can be translated into more of a highstreet style. For example, my favourite vintage bargain, the midi skirt. 
I have three of these midi skirts, which I am deffs loving, and always on the look out for more at vintage fairs and in charity shops. These are quite a granny style, so charity shops are always filled with these! My fave items to wear them with is a knit sweater/jumper/top and some boots, with socks. I think they look very shape defining, but can be totally casual at the same time. They're perfect for this weird in-betweeny time between Winter and Spring... 

Another feature of this trend is liquid silhouettes, which I understand to be chiffony materials, mainly in the form of shirts. These can work well with the midi-skirt outfit, but also with a multitude of other pieces, such as body-con skirts, maxi skirts or even denim shorts with boots and knee-socks. Topshop have a wide range of blouses in at the moment, so I recommend a look!!

 COMPANY is loving on the skinny belts trend with this look also, with their ability to clinch baggy jumpers and shirt in at the waist to create curves and shapes, whilst retaining some of the fluidity created by the material. Skinny belts have always been present, but some of the best places I find these are Topshop, Primark and New Look, which are pretty high street, with some pretty good prices to match. 

(JUST A NOTE - Topshop and New Look both have 20% student discount ATM, so maybe get down there to check out some of the bargains you can find! :).. )

Well, that's me on the Bohemian look... :) 

Bea xo

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