Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pretty in Paisley

  Paisley. Originating from India and Persia, the tear-drop shaped motif is making a very prominent return this spring, with paisley popping up everywhere worth seeing- Marie ClaireVOGUE and The Guardian to name but a few! 
  Making it's way into England through the East India Company, and become popular between 1700 and 1800; believed and used as a charm to ward off evil demons with the bright colours and patterns. More recently, however, the pattern is associated with psychedelic styles and the interest in Indian culture which stemmed from The Beatles, in 1968 when they made a pilgrimage to India. 
  The staple piece from the seventies is making a breakthrough on catwalks, with designs from names such as Stella McCartney and JW Anderson. This Indian-inspired pattern isn't, however, restricted to chiffon pyjama looking pieces. This spring, the catwalk is presenting us with a huge variation of styles we can indulge ourselves in. 

from Marie Claire
from Marie Claire
Emilio Pucci 

  Personally, I'm not too sure about paisley print for myself, however I very much believe on the right person, and with the right styling, it can be worn very very well! For a more casual look, a paisley shirt with high waisted skirt (perhaps paperbag waistband?) with loafers and long socks would look good, but just make sure that you get the colours in order. Paisley is already pretty busy as a standalone design, so maybe think about that being the key feature, and go for blocked colours elsewhere in your outfit? 

  If you do rock paisley, please let me know! I wanna believe I could wear it and it look good!! :) 

Bea xo 


  1. I think paisley is really romantic, it just has to be worn in a careful way. That dress is amazing though...I feel like since it is so romantic, it can almost carry the paisley better. Beautiful selections!

    Alexandra xo

  2. i do this too! plan outfits around the shoes i want to wear! (you are not the only one!)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,