Saturday, 28 January 2012

Oh Vintage?... Well, is it really?

 Vintage. Everything remotely second-hand or out of trend is now labelled 'vintage'. I, myself, am guilty of getting overexcited about a slightly old jumper from a charity shop, and bragging about my 'vintage buy'. But is it really vintage? Well, I suppose that all depends on everyone's own perception of vintage...

 My charity shop experience is a bit hit and miss nowadays... You see, I can go into the Salvation Army and usually find something of excitement. And usually at a price I'm happy to agree to. But I can't believe how much the price of these have gone up. Now, I'm not sure that charity shops across the countries have been keeping up-to-date with current vintage fashion trends and deciding to increase the prices due to higher demand. It may simply be the state of the current economic climate and they, like most others, have had to up their prices. 
 However, it is VERY evident (and I'm sure it's not just me) that the prices and demand for decent vintage pieces has literally soared, with the apparent need to be so different from the crowd... Unfortunately, in thinking this, these people do, in fact, become part of a crowd themselves. And this is difficult to avoid. 
 I, personally, wear what I want. And sometimes it's things that are in fashion, and sometimes it isn't. Regardless, I like wearing what I want. And I LOVE a good charity shop buy. And car boots, phew, don't get me started; they're even better!! But is this 'vintage' look something that's becoming the antithesis of what it actually strives to be? The 'indie' look becoming an oxymoron- the mainstream individual? 

New Vintage Fashion Shop in Chester City Centre, Bridge Street

 Jo-Ann Fortune, blogger for The Guardian, shares this view, and raises many interesting points about the rise of 'vintage' to the top of our agendas. (Have a look at her  'Is vintage clothing pass√©?' article!! Check out some of the links too!) 
 I think it's safe to say that 'vintage' means a lot of different things to us all- whether it's 90's pieces we all remember, or the odd 60's tea dress. And how we choose to interpret these looks and express ourselves through fashion will always be down to that individual. But one thing I know is that I'm willing to battle through the bargain hunters at those car boots to get a bargain. No more will I be fooled by the ebay description  of 'vintage', where some cheeky so and so is trying to fob me off with some old New Look dress. So, just be warned, keep vintage actual vintage. 

Bea xo

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