Thursday, 2 February 2012

Charming Cameos

  The cameo- the jewellery piece which has generally become commonly recognised as the profile of a woman's head in an oval frame. These can be, for example, commonly found in photographs, various forms of antiques, but perhaps most usually in the form of a brooch. 
  The word 'cameo' describes specifically an image which is raised from the background, and these are usually made up of two colours, differentiating the relief and background. 
  Jewellery design thrived between the early 1800s until 1900, and cameos formed a substantial aspect in this particular time period of English jewellery manufacture. Popular ways that cameos were worn were as a pendants or a brooch on satin or velvet ribbons.

  Alber Elbaz, designer for Lanvin for the past 10 years, has made his recent declaration that cameos are indeed back in fashion. The pre-autumn 2012 collections showcase the styles which will occupy highstreet rails between SS12 and AW12. Alongside fabric blends and strong silhouettes, Elbaz has sprang us with super-sized cameos, teamed with black satin ribbon.

  Personally, I LOVE cameos. I think they're the epitome of pretty and feminine antiquity. I am forever searching for more from charity shops and car boot sales; the latter usually proving most promising! Not all are worth much, but they all look very pretty, and I love stringing them with lace or velvet ribbon to add a touch of class. I even love them that much, I decided to get a tattoo of one, at the top of my leg... 

 And here are some of my favourite cameos (NB- the Barbie one belongs to my housemate Jocelyn- isn't it awesome!?) 

  So, I definitely recommend you keep your eyes peeled for cameos breaking into our shops. Do, however, be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing cheap and reproduced  products that EVERYONE has... Try and look hard for more individual ones, and customise them with satin, lace and velvet ribbons instead of chains! 
  ALSO, check out these BEAUTIFUL cameos- they're a twist on the classic view, but I am so in love with them!! Vogue Cameos

Bea xo 


  1. They are so vintage...
    Greetings from Spain!

  2. Oh I know right?! I also spotted this when I saw the collection. Time to ring my grandmother ;)

  3. I love Cameo necklaces!

    NRC ♥

  4. Love cameos...I make my own jewelry and have started incorporating them into my designs!

    1. Do you?! Wow!! Make sure you blog about them/let me know so I can have a look!! :)

  5. I used to have a vintage one and I lost it, was so gutted. I love one that Alexa Chung had it was a skull it was way expensive though. xx

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  7. What a lovely post! Love the cameo necklaces,3

    take a peak at my blog please ! <3

  8. Ohh, these are beautiful! <3 I love cameo jewellery!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  9. I love cameos! So lovely! =)