Sunday, 5 February 2012

Temporary Secretary LOVE

  So my boyfriend orders me a present from Temporary Secretary. It's a bee ring, and I fall in love with it! So I go to look at the website. And I fall even more in love with everything on their online shop. The stuff is some of the cutest jewellery I've ever seen. And I want it all!
  Not only did it come with a cute little box and in an organza bag, it had two Milka chocolates and a handwritten postcard. It definitely made my day. So I urge you to have a look, because I can guarantee there will be something that you absolutely LOVE!! The prices are good, and when they're that cute, I don't understand how you could possibly say no! 
  Here are some of my favourite bits on the website ATM :) 

Mr. Gingy Earrings - £6 Have A Look

Explorer's Magnifying Glass Necklace - £18.50 Have A Look 

Princess Ring - £12 Have A Look

Typewriter Ring - £10 Have A Look

  So definitely check them out!... 

Bea xo


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    yours is great I hadn't heard of this website -they have some great things! Now following you, can't wait for more of your posts x

  2. Have been directed to your blog by your boyf via Twitter, and I just want to say thank you so much for this blog post and I really appreciate the shout out. So glad you love the Bee ring! Hope you're having a great weekend - enjoy the snow! :) xxx

  3. Awww, I love this shop, the stuff is so cute - don't know why I've never bought anything x

  4. So pretty! Amazinggg gift! Aww! :)


  5. Love the Princess Ring! :) It's so feminine, so pretty! :) Best wishes from Germany

  6. Oeh boyfriends who have a good taste are definitely keepers :).

    x, Sarah

  7. Your boyfriend has such a good taste, the jewelry is really cute, I love it :)

    I'm now following you!


  8. These are so cute!

    take a peak at my blog please <3

  9. I had never heard of temporary secretary, but I'm so glad I spotted this post! Going to check it out right now.