Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Start A New' Sunday

   So it's been quite a while since I've blogged... I've literally had SO much on at the moment, I haven't had any time to properly sit down and concentrate on something that hasn't been geography related. I haven't really blogged personally before... it's usually about something that ISN'T me... But I want more practice 'life-writing' it's called, and so thought I'd make it a bit more, well, ME. 
   I'm still totally in love with writing about fashion! Just think it'll be good for me to write about more of the things that interest me that aren't just clothes. Coz I'm full of love, and I love loads of things. And have lots of opinions. And I'm hoping that since I've got a few page views now, people might be interested in what I actually have to say?... We'll see. 
   Right, well, just putting that out there, and I'll be blogging when I have a bit more time to make it worthy for you all... 

Bea xo 

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