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Agyness' New Chapter

We all know the name Agyness Deyn; with her trademark blonde pixie hair and the face of Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry (just to name a few!) Except, Agyness Deyn wasn't the name she was born with. And neither was she born with the expectation of becoming one of Britain's most well known supermodels. She speaks with Decca Aitkenhead from The Guardian about her childhood, her gradual entry into the world of fashion and her life now.
Agyness is no longer working as a model, deciding to take a step away from the fashion industry. Instead, Deyn has changed direction; straight into the theatre. The Leisure Society, is her first play, written by  Fran├žois Archambault. It's a 'deliciously offensive four-hander comedy' and Deyn admits that it definitely is a change from the catwalk. Rehearsing for up to eight hours a day, Deyn seems be to enjoying the new skills and experience acting is providing her with. 
"When I started doing little bits of acting I was like, this is what I'm supposed to be doing, you know? Going to this place where there's this fulfilment in kind of like letting go, and also that part of really getting in touch with yourself, to be able to understand a different character, and then portray that to whoever's watching it, and to be able to penetrate them in a way that touches them. And there's this unsaid kind of bond with us all [in the cast] which is so powerful, you know? It's like this family, there for each other; I feel held by the other people who are doing it, which is so great, cos like with modelling for so long it's a very solo project, and quite lonely. Being part of – well, it makes me feel emotional just talking about it – being part of this with these great people – it's just like so cool."
Aiktenhead notes how different Deyn is in contrast to her portrayal in the media. Her 'army surplus meets jumble sale chic' look, defining cool effortlessly, interpreted by 'style magazines...as edgy and fierce' doesn't correlate exactly with what she actually stands for. She isn't fierce in character. In fact, nothing about her seems fierce. Polite and attentive, says Aitkenhead, speaking slowly and thoughtfully. 
"I think I was able to put on more of a brash front a lot more when I was younger. Now it's a bit harder, so now I kind of embrace the feeling awkward, maybe a little bit socially inept. But in a good way."
Her modelling career lasted for eleven years, starting after she won a local modelling competition at the age of 16. Whilst visiting Henry Holland, best childhood friend, now a successful fashion designer, at university in London at the age of 18, she was scouted. For the next five years, she worked as a jobbing model, albeit failing to find much fame nor make a name for herself. However, by 2006, she was signed by a New York agent, becoming what was arguably the next Kate Moss overnight. 
Laura Hollins was Deyn's birth name and there have been, as Aitkenhead explains, different accounts detailing different reasons as to why she changed it. She discovers, through a somewhat tense discussion with Deyn, that the first and foremost reason was because there was simply too many Lauras already in modelling. 
Regardless of her name, Agyness is the one we all know and love, and I'm so excited to see her doing something new; a new direction. New is good. 

To read the whole interview with Agyness, visit The G2 Interview, The Guardian
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